470 Hidden Valley Road, Royal Oaks, CA (831)724-8032

Welcome to Church Christmas Tree Farms! Cutting your own Christmas tree is a holiday tradition that truly brings the spirit of the season into your home. And here, you can make this an experience that your family will treasure for a lifetime. This is one of the oldest continuously operating Christmas tree farms in California, and we’ve seen several generations of families come back year after year to choose and cut their own trees.

Happy holidays — from all of us to all of you!

A real Christmas tree is one that grew from a seed planted in a nursery. The seedling grew to be a few inches tall, and then was planted in a field at a Christmas tree plantation. For years it was cared for, shaped, and nurtured as an agricultural crop to serve your family's Christmas holiday. Christmas tree farms are good for the environment. The National Christmas Tree Association says one acre of Christmas trees provide enough oxygen for 18 people, something that an artificial tree can’t provide. It takes between five and 15 years to grow our real trees, depending on the species. On our farm, young and old trees are intermixed. It is an exciting adventure to search for the perfect Christmas tree — getting on your knees, sawing through the trunk, carrying your tree and loading it onto your car.





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